Our team of seasoned water management agents and technicians have years of experience behind them.

They understand the importance of building solid relationships and giving our customers service they can rely on, come day or night, rain or shine.


Our advanced smart meters send accurate consumption data directly to a cloud based portal which allows us to offer our customers the most reliable consumption measurements.

The online portal also allows us to detect leaks and abnormalities as they happen,


We don’t just talk the talk –
we deliver on our promises. Expect high-end turnkey solutions for effective management of your utilities, at a cost that fits your budget.

saving our customers thousands of litres of water every year.

What does this mean for you?
It means all of your important information at the touch of a button, wherever you may be.
Our Cloud-based management platform puts the power in your hands – assisting


Don’t settle for out-dated methods that waste your money. We have certified hardware and tested solutions that will set you well on your way to meeting your recovery targets.

commercial, industrial and residential consumers to measure, manage and improve their overall water consumption and thereby reduce their costs.


The devil is in the details – but so is the answer you’ve been looking for – it’s all just a matter of having the details clearly laid out in front of you. Our tools are designed to make the details easy to see at a glance for sustainable long-term savings.

The future awaits

Our advanced smart meters send accurate consumption data directly to a cloud based portal – our customers always have access to the most reliable consumption data.

Whether you’re onsite at the building in question or visiting family on the other side of the country, our portal gives you real time access to all of your consumption information.

It has never been easier to improve and track your water consumption, minimize the risk of wastage, and keep your water costs to a bare minimum – all without having to sacrifice your peace of mind.

The benefits of the Faircape Water Solutions Management System:

– 100% Accurate meter readings

– Real-time leak and burst pipe alerts

– Informed usage which leads to reduced usage

– Reduced Municipal Water and Sewerage Bills

– Peace of mind around your water management

Always having an expert to represent your needs and manage
your billing requirements


Water management services is a specialised field. Faircape Water Solutions has the experience and expertise to provide professional water management services to our Customers without breaking a sweat.

Our commitment is Two-fold

We’re committed to preserving our natural resources for future generations, and we’re committed to saving our customers time, energy and money by using only the best equipment and service solutions.

Our services are custom designed to fit our customers needs, so whatever it is you may want to achieve, we probably already have a solution just for you.

An overview of our most popular services:

– Monthly water readings

– Calculating charges for billing of consumers

– Ensuring the correct and optimum recovery for our clients

– Reconciling the supply authority invoice to water consumed

– Attending to consumer queries regarding consumption and charges thereof

– Attending to municipality or supply authority queries regarding utility services provided to the property

– Advice on water saving measures and alternative water source options