water meters

Smart Water Meter

We use smart water meters, because they place all the information you need at your fingertips.

With a smart water meter – you have real-time access to your water consumption and any irregularities are quickly picked up. This is especially vital for those buildings where meters are installed in hard-to-access places.

Prepaid Water Meter

Some of our clients prefer to make use of a pre-paid water purchasing system. The Faircape prepaid water meter allows our customers to purchase water credits (KLs) in advance. The great advantage of prepaid meters is that they allow the end-consumer to control their water usage, reducing both costs and waste.

Water Meters

The Kampstrup smart water meters have several advantages and benefits for its clients.

It incorporates the latest ultrasonic technology which ensures long term stability and accurate measuring. This allows for reliable consumption and billing information.

It has leak surveillance capabilities, a warning system with low leakage limits to quickly discover water waste. This greatly assists clients in preventing unintended water consumption and reducing expenses.

There is a 16 year battery lifespan which means no maintenance costs and low operational costs for the client.

Water Meters

The Laison prepaid water meter immediately identifies remote meter recharges and parameter enquiries. It ensures comprehensive and reliable prepaid solutions to landlords and tenants alike.

The easy to use system allows customers to purchase a digital token from approved vendors. Customers can also input a 2 digit inquiry token to check detailed information on the meter.

An alarm can be set at a specific value, that if reached, will signal that the available water supply is running low. The meter also has an automatic valve closure mechanism that kicks in when it detects tampering.


Our body corporate wants to comply with the City of Cape Town's water bylaw, but we do not have the upfront capital for this project, what can we do?
We offer up to 60 month financing on the supply and installation of the meters. After month 60 the meters
belong to the body corporate.
Once water meters are installed, who pays the body corporate's monthly water bill from the City of Cape Town?

It will still be the responsibility of the body corporate to pay the monthly water bill from the City of Cape Town. The water meters allow the body corporate to reconcile the water costs from all the units in the body corporate before the billing is due.


Can users monitor their own water consumption?

Yes you can, there is a mobile water APP available to all our customers. Customers can monitor the daily water consumption in real time.


Once we install smart water meters, what happens next?

These meters would have to be managed on a monthly basis, this is a requirement of the water meter bylaw, we offer this service to our customers.


What makes a meter smart?

Smart water meters measure water flow using two-way wireless communication to connect to local area networks. This allows for remote location monitoring and can ensure leak detection and burst pipe alerts.