water supply

Faircape Water Solutions provide a versatile range of alternative water supply solutions, including greywater systems, boreholes, filtration systems and reverse osmosis plants.

Water Purification

Faircape Water Solutions develops purification systems that purify water from alternative sources for use in your pools and gardens, instead of using potable municipal water.


We develop fully integrated and automated borehole irrigation systems for your gardens and grounds.


FWS develops projects that allow you to use your rainwater and greywater for irrigation purposes.

Reverse Osmosis

We develop turnkey reverse osmosis plants that can provide potable water from borehole sources for use as drinking water.

& sustainable

Some examples of work we’ve done for our customers:

Boulevard Office Park: Part of the project management team involved in the reverse osmosis plant.

Established the Utility Metering Infrastructure at Boulevard Office Park.

Tokai Estate: Completed a smart water meter project and part of the project management team connecting six boreholes to the

main pump station, connected to tanks, for irrigation use.

Clu de Cap & Heritage: Filtration plants, pools can be supplied with purified water obtained from the onsite boreholes.

The Terraces: Greywater system: Roof tanks capture water and are used for irrigation