We strive to keep our technology relevant and up-to-date, so we’re always adapting and looking to improve our service offerings for our customers needs.

Our products all are SABS approved, internationally acclaimed, and have warranties in place.

We have the
& expertise

We manage (and installed) commercial, industrial, retail and residential projects at over 50 buildings. We’ve installed more
than 2000 smart water meters.

We read over 4000 meters per month and have provided
reverse osmosis, borehole, greywater and water filtration
systems. Most important of all – we’ve been in the industry for
over 30 years, and we’re constantly evolving. We are where experience meets expertise.

Smart Meter Installations

We supply, install, and monitor postpaid and prepaid smart water meter systems which are custom built to meet our customer’s needs and budget.

Water Management

Need an all-in-one long-term water solution? We read meters, determine individual water usage, process billing information and engage with the municipality on our customers’ behalf.

Pre-paid solutions

The Faircape prepaid water meter allows our customers to purchase water credits (KLs) in advance. The great advantage of prepaid meters is that they allow the end-consumer to control their water usage, reducing both costs and waste.

Alternative water supply

Faircape Water Solutions provide a
versatile range of alternative water supply solutions, including greywater systems, boreholes, filtration systems and reverse osmosis plants.



We use the latest technology in the water industry to provide our customers with water solutions that are innovative, sustainable, efficient, and cost effective.

All of our products are SABS approved, internationally acclaimed and carry warranties.

We strive to stay ahead of the race with the most up-to-date water technology. Faircape Water Solutions is constantly adapting, improving and looking for new ways to meet our customers’ evolving needs.