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Faircape often partners with other large Cape Town (and global) corporations.

For these customers, every cent counts, and maintaining a stellar reputation is of paramount importance for their own well-being. They promise their own customers nothing but the best – and that’s why they choose Faircape.

Having built the Boulevard Office Park a number of years ago, Faircape has a special interest in ensuring that all of the utilities and property management needs of this park are met with nothing short of the very best in tried and tested methods, coupled with the most cutting edge Technology available.

Faircape boasts no fewer than six life villages for senior residents.

Most of our residents are in the prime of their retirement, and we ensure that they enjoy the very best the Cape has to offer – from five star recreational facilities to acute medical care – we ensure that our residents never have to worry about a thing – because they’re too busy living their best lives to stop and worry about utility bills.

Faircape Utility Management & Energy Solutions are the appointed service provider for Ingenuity. They manage the electrical metering at our premises in Retreat, Cape Town. To date, Faircape Utility Solutions have delivered a totally hassle-free service to both Ingenuity and our tenants at the premises with
a high quality of work. We highly recommend their services to any other potential client.

John Bielich

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